Absorption Chillers from World Energy

We're the appointed UK distributor for World Energy absorption chillers and heat pumps

We are proud to announce an exclusive UK distribution agreement with World Energy, the international leader in absorption cooling and heating. The Korean manufacturer produces some of the most advanced and efficient absorption chillers and heat pumps in the world. The technology captures waste heat from buildings or industrial processes and converts it into high efficiency cooling for application in air conditioning and process use, or into different grades of heat.

World Energy absorption systems are used in the food manufacturing, chemical, plastic, waste and oil and gas industries, where large amounts of heat are produced as a by-product and there is a simultaneous requirement for cooling. Absorption machines can also be used as heat pumps, shifting and amplifying heat output, often making the original process more efficient.

  • Providing the best solution for CHP and CCHP application by utilizing waste heat,  World Energy chillers are the most efficient on the market with COP up to 1.48 for the double effect machines and absorption heat pump with COP up to 1.8.

Depending on your needs, Klima-Therm and World Energy can supply the right unit for your technology:

  • Exhaust Gas Fired: CHP series double effect chillers/heaters directly convert heat from hot gases coming from co-generation prime movers (engines, turbines, fuel cells), industrial furnaces, incineration plants, industrial heat recover into cooling & heating. CHP series can run in both cooling and heating mode.

  • Hot Water Fired: Single and double effect chillers convert the heat from hot and super-heated water into cooling. Hot water is found in many industries as heat recovery transfer medium such as co-generation modules, industrial heat recovery, solar heating, district heating, biomass combustion, incineration plants.

  • High Delta T Hot Water: Developed for district heating companies to maximize the use of hot water thermal energy by achieving a high hot water temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the chiller, for example, 95°C and 55°C respectively. For district heating companies, a high hot water delta-T results in lower flow rate, smaller pipeline diameters and lower pumps power consumption in view of lower pressure drops.

  • Low Temperature Hot Water: When low temperature heat <75°C is available the chiller can utilize such heat to cool water for ambient and process cooling. Typical applications include low grade industrial heat recovery, geothermal sources, low temperature solar heating, exploitation of ORC turbines cooling circuits and steam turbines condensate circuits in the power generation industry.

  • Steam Fired: The chillers utilize steam energy to generate cooling usually available from industrial processes, heat recovery of cogeneration plants, biomass combustion or as exhaust steam from steam turbines.

  • Direct Fired: In areas with expensive or difficult availability of electrical energy, World Energy chillers & heaters cool and heat water using the heat from a fuel combustion. An efficient built-in burner can fire gaseous or liquid fuels such as natural gas, diesel oil, kerosene and biogas to generate cooling. Burners can be supplied also for dual-fuel applications.

  • Absorption Heat Pumps Technology - An absorption heat pump is exchanging heat from a high temperature source to a low temperature hot water circuit while cooling water. The high temperature heat source is exploited for cooling the water in the evaporator while heating the low temperature hot water in the absorber-condenser circuit. Differently from a conventional heat exchanger, an absorption heat pump have can have an efficiency as high as 1.8 with a very high thermal energy saving. As driving heat source, our absorption heat pumps can use steam, superheated water or use a fuel in the built-in burner.

World Energy