Saiver Air Handling Units


Saiver have been the forerunners in manufacturing high quality Air Handling Units for over a quarter of a century. The Series An-I is the practical answer to today’s requirement for advanced Air Handling Systems. This has been possible due to a continuous and exhaustive product research and development program. The system is designed with clients requirement as guidelines. Series A-i1 makes available the most complete selection components with the following exclusive design and construction features:

  • Rugged Framework... Saiver's unique frame design has inherent strength and stability with comparative lightness. The modular framework, utilizing 12 gauge corrosion resistant extruded aluminum box sections, is continuously welded at the corners and mounted on a welded heavy sectional aluminum channel base. Heavy duty neoprene gaskets are held captive by integral channels in the frame extrusion. Double wall panels are fixed to the framework with stainless steel screws forming a cabinet with positive sealing, outstanding structural rigidity and excellent finished appearance.

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