Absorption Chillers


As the UK’s appointed distributor for Korean manufacturer World Energy's ground-breaking chillers and heat pumps, Klima-Therm has an exclusive distributor agreement with the leading international manufacturer of absorption cooling and heating products - technologically-advanced products with unparalleled efficiency.

World Energy is globally renowned for producing state-of-the-art chillers and heat pumps, using innovative technology that harnesses waste heat from industrial processes and buildings, converting it into highly efficient cooling applications. The waste heat generates chilled water for process or comfort cooling.

Their absorption systems are utilised in the chemical, food manufacturing, waste, plastic, gas and oil industries – they are ideal for these sectors, as the industrial processes produce large amounts of heat as a by-product, while simultaneous cooling is required too.

World Energy Absorption Chillers

As the most efficient brand on the market today, World Energy chillers are the most effective solution for combined heat and power (CHP) and combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) applications. Double effect machines have a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 1.48, and the absorption heat pump has a COP of up to 1.8.

With a different way of functioning than a traditional heat exchanger, it offers an exceptionally high thermal energy saving. Our absorption heat pump uses superheated water, steam or a fuel in the built-in burner to function as the driving heat source.

Thanks to the system's versatility, Klima-Therm and World Energy can supply the appropriate unit to satisfy your every technology need. The variations include exhaust gas-fired, hot water fired, High Delta T hot water, low-temperature hot water, steam-fired and direct fired.

As well as the obvious benefit of reduced running costs, the absorption system is a growing market in the UK, thanks to the mandatory legal requirement to provide part of a building's energy needs through renewable sources.

Absorption technology will assist end users to comply with the legal requirements of the Zero Emission Building Directive, and we see this as a key market driver in the future.

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