Clima Tech high-tech air handling units from Klima-Therm

This range of high-tech, high efficiency air handling units are made by Clima Tech

We offer both standard and bespoke systems, with the emphasis on high quality and premium performance, for use in applications such as hospitals, leisure centres, commercial buildings and retail developments. The Clima Tech range of AHUs is part of our stable of high efficiency hvacr equipment, and perfectly complements our award-winning Turbomiser chiller to offer a complete chilled water and air handling solution.

Key Benefits...

  • Energy recovery is a key option, significantly boosting overall building energy performance and further reducing running costs. The Clima Tech system uses a rotating energy recovery wheel made of an air-permeable aluminium matrix with a very large interior surface. Designed to recover either sensible heat only or both sensible and latent heat, the wheel consists of two half moon sections installed in a double-deck or side-by-side configuration, with supply air flowing through one half while warmed exhaust air flows in counter-flow through the other, as the wheel rotates continuously at low speed.

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Air Handling Units

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