Eurapo Fanc Coil Unit
Flexible, Cost Effective Cooling & Heating with Eurapo Fan Coil Units

We supply the cost effective, technically advanced and flexible range of Eurapo fan coil units and controls at competitive prices. The units, along with their many control and accessory options, can be used to provide comfortable environmental conditions in most building environments. Eurapo fan coil units can be supplied with or without casings, concealed or low body, for siting in restricted areas. A wide range of colours and accessories are available. Options include analogue and digital controls, valves sets, additional coils and plenums. There are a variety of control options, covering thermostats, remote controls, electronic controls and so on, all of which are factory assembled and tested.

Thanks to its elegant and refined design, extremely silent and compact, SPHERA fancoil is suitable for creating comfort and closeness in every style. Smart and versatile, SPHERA fancoil is available for wall or floor installation and can be combined with the newest EURAPO controls: from the traditional, mechanical or microprocessor controls to those innovative digital controls which can be integrated to the Building Automation Systems.

Fan Coil Units
Fan Coil Units from Rhoss

Ductable fan coil units for recessed horizontal or vertical installation.

Construction Features

Structure: self-supporting, in galvanised sheet steel for horizontal installation in a false ceiling or vertical recessed wall installation, complete with natural condensation drain pan, flanges to fit to the inlet/outlet duct. Pan is removable from below. Filter supplied loose from the unit.

Heat exchanger: with finned coil and electrical box for terminal block with reversible left connections, which can be switched right directly on site. Coil is removable from below. Double inlet centrifugal fan with directly coupled 3-speed motor. Fan unit is removable from below.

Air Handling Units

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