Based on decades of experience, continuously developing to meet the new requirements of the market, the Air Handling Unit is of the highest standard.

With air handling units offering air volumes from 0.5 up to 35 m³/s, installation is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications – completely assembled or dismantled for onsite assembly, according to project requirements.

Thanks to the R&D Lab, we can conduct functional and performance unit tests to assure the reliability of Rhoss machines and the energy efficiency of the proposed systems. We are also equipped to test new components and develop innovative solutions.

With a comprehensive range of air flows, the selection of functional modules and options, and the total flexibility of configurations, the Custom AHU range is the ideal solution for the industrial sector, clean rooms and operating theatres.

Custom Air Handling Units

The AHU range guarantees:

  • High quality components
  • A complete range of sections and accessories
  • A wide range of flow rates and configuration flexibility
  • Optimum energy efficiency, air quality and comfort
  • Unlimited modularity to facilitate transport and on-site positioning
  • Easy maintenance for easy inspection and set-up
  • A total of 77 sizes are available to suit your project

Versions available:

  • STANDARD Series – single fan with a rectangular section
  • NARROW Series – single fan with a square section: useful to minimise the footprint taken up by the unit
  • LOWERED Series – combined fan: useful to minimise the total height of the unit
  • VERTICAL Series