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The strength of Rhoss’ modular air handling units lies in the use of creative and innovative engineering solutions, preserving the quality and reliability traits that have made them a well-known brand. The fully modular nature and the wide choice of configurations come together in the Next Air range to create a unique product range.


Perfectly fitting panels and the single-piece structure guarantee the highest air leakage standard (tightness class L1). The air handling unit profiles are made of plastic material and the highly efficient insulation panels eliminate energy waste, providing thermal transmittance class T2.


Zero waste and unsurpassed mechanical performance

The ADV Next Air range is also available in the Full Plug & Play version, which fully incorporates both the electrical power and control part, and machine management, thus obtaining utmost comfort and minimum energy consumption. Rhoss products include all the field components and elements that are required for optimal unit control and management.

Air’Suite® filter biocide filtration – the term “biocide filtration” refers to a combination of granular filtration (traditional) and inactivation of the biological charge (innovative). This process is achieved with a new bio-polymer, duly functionalised and characterised by: excellent availability in nature; biocompatibility; non-toxicity; intrinsic properties that prevent infections.

The ADV Next Air range is equipped with a special frame. Consisting of a very thick metal structure that incorporates a clamping mechanism to keep the filtration cells perfectly in contact with the gaskets, these are mechanically inserted along the entire frame perimeter to assure:

  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Low permanent tensile and compression deformation: this way, one can reduce the bypass of dirty air around the frame itself to percentage values lower than 0.5, allowing filters up to filtration class F9 to be installed