Rhoss Air Handling Units

Rhoss Air Handling Units available now in UK...

 We source some of our air handling units from leading European manufacturer Rhoss. Alongside the rotary and crossed flow heat recovery units, the Italian manufacturer, can also provide a series of twin coil, regenerative mono-directional and indirect adiabatic recovery also swimming pool dehumidifiers to effectively fulfill the various plant requirements.  

  •    Our comprehensive selection software gives you unrivaled flexibility and choice from the planning stage offering standard and bespoke options, Wide range derives from decades of Rhoss experience in the field of air handling and is continuously improving to meet the new trends in the market and to exceed customers expectations.. 
  •    The whole range available provides high efficient and excellent quality, being also Eurovent certified. The AHU's incorporate the top quality corrosion resistant materials, such as stainless steel, marine aluminium alloy and copper, to ensure long years of trouble free operation even in the most adverse conditions.
  • Newest range available, the ADV NEXT AIR, derives from Rhoss new vision of air handling systems.
  • Innovative, robust and self-supporting structure, made from a single 50 mm thick monochrome sandwich panel, with internal and external hot galvanized sheet metal and painted with oil-free polyester paint, highly resistant to corrosion. The internal surfaces are completely smooth in order to inhibit microbial growth and prevent the accumulation of dust. 

  • Perfect in any weather conditions 
  •  Thanks to the careful study of materials and the extreme attention payed to the thermal decoupling of the structure we can guarantee the absence of condensation in a very wide area of operating temperature and humidity both in summer and winter season.Thermal bridge factor Class TB2. Our units installed outdoors excellently resist both to the rain that UV guaranteeing performance unchanged over time 

  • No Waste 
  •  The perfect fit of the panels,the valuable seals and the Rhoss structure are the best guarantee against air leakage and the related energy waste.Air Leakage class L1. The new generation plastic profiles with very low thermal conductivity and the highly insulating panels of are the unique solutions that we give to our customers in order to eliminate energy waste. Thermal transmittance Class T2. 

  •  Thanks to the new Next Air range, the units are also available in the Full Plug&Play version, which fully incorporates both the electrical power and control part and machine management, thus obtaining utmost comfort and minimum energy consumption. The Rhoss solution also includes all field components and elements needed for
    optimal control and management of the air handling unit.. 

  •  The entire range meets the 2018 step of Erp Directive for NRVU ensuring a sustainable energy savings. The energy efficiency is guaranteed with low operating costs. 

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Air Handling Units

from savier, Rhoss & Clima Tech

Comprehensive selection software - Unrivalled flexibility and choice at the planning stage - The ultimate in bespoke AHU solutions