Bespoke chiller

Which commercial chiller is right for your business?

Choosing the right chiller for your business can be a tough decision; it’s a major financial investment and the success of your operations depends on making the right choice. A

Why Chillers are Needed in the Manufacturing Industry

Chillers play a vital role in the manufacturing industry, as they keep the production equipment cool. Used in a variety of sectors and applications, they work by drawing heat away

How the Weather Impacted the War

The weather has always played a key role in the history of the human race, particularly during times of conflict, as it can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
air quality how an air handling unit can help

Air Quality: How an Air Handling Unit Can Help

AHU explained So, how does an AHU work exactly? Comprising of a steel box or unit, usually located on the roof of a building, in a basement or on a

How Air Conditioning Helped Modern Medicine

Modern medicine could not have developed without the help of air conditioning. This is because a lot of the medications we use today were developed in laboratories with temperature-sensitive tools
how can air conditioning improve building safety

How can Air Conditioning Improve Building Safety?

Air conditioning is known for creating a comfortable indoor environment by regulating the temperature, but did you know it can help improve building safety too? Having an AC system can
air conditioning

Air Con Maintenance: What to Look for

Now that summer’s here and the weather is warming up, you’re likely to be relying on your air conditioning more to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. If you work in
School classroom

The Benefits of Air Conditioning and Education

Most people will have memories of spending hours in a hot, stuffy classroom during the summer term, feeling sleepy, watching the clock and just waiting for the bell to ring.
industrial and commercial air conditioning

Industrial and Commercial Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is important within industrial and commercial workplaces to regulate the temperature, keeping all areas feeling comfortable for employees and visitors alike. For a commercial business, keeping customers comfortable