The World we Live in: Air Con

Air conditioning is an invention that has changed the world. Imagine life if we could control the weather, making it cooler in a heatwave, or warmer during the winter. Thanks
Global warming penguin

What are we doing about Global Warming?

Climate change is a phenomenon that has been in the headlines recently – not least because the UK experienced the hottest day in July since records began. The temperature soared

Air Con and Insects

Insects can be a nuisance when it comes to air conditioning units. Once they’ve infiltrated your AC ducts, it’s inevitable that they will find their way into your home or

Squeeze: Cool For Cats

Pop band Squeeze has been going strong since 1974. As one of the few survivors of the British new wave era, their commercial light rock sound has made them high-flyers
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Heat And Humidity: Health Implications

Most of us relish a warm and hot summer, but excessive heat and humidity can wreak havoc on the body, often with serious health implications. Here’s how to look after
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Sidney Poitier: In The Heat Of The Night

Based on a novel of the same name by John Ball that was published in 1965, In the Heat of the Night is a murder mystery film set in a
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The World’s Hottest Hotspots!

The changeable nature of Britain’s weather means it’s always a favourite topic of conversation but for some countries, weather fluctuations are less common and extreme heat remains the norm. Where
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Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your AC

An air conditioning system is something many of us have come to rely on, both in the home and workplace. With the unpredictable British climate (and especially with weather like
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Die Hard

The all-action film, Die Hard, released in 1988 by 20th Century Fox, tells the story of the Christmas from hell – with the hero, detective John McClane, facing death at