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Klima-Therm gains yet more recognition by winning top award at HVR Awards 2020

HVR Awards

Klima-Therm’s technologically advanced Rhoss EXP/HT heat pump has won the prestigious Star Product Award at the 11th annual HVR Awards which took place virtually on Thursday 15 October, 2020.

This special category is awarded for “demonstrating the most ground-breaking impact for the future of heating, ventilation and air conditioning”.

The award judges heaped praise on the Rhoss EXP/HT heat pump for being a particularly innovative way of using existing high efficiency low carbon heat pumps of various types and bringing them together to produce a much more flexible and efficient solution.

This latest accolade follows a crop of award wins for Klima-Therm over the last five years, including the Heat Pump Product of the Year at the ACR News Awards 2020 earlier this year, also awarded for the Rhoss EXP/HT.

The Rhoss EXP/HT heat pump uses a hybrid four-pipe air or water source heat pump to produce simultaneous or independent cooling and heating using heat recovery wherever possible for ‘free’ heating or cooling. It also employs a water source heat pump producing high temperature hot water primarily for domestic hot water.

What makes this revolutionary heat pump stand out is its use of cutting-edge technology which:

  • Pushes the boundaries of innovation in heating, cooling and heat recovery.
  • Offers a definitive change to existing techniques / equipment.
  • Contributes to environmentally friendlier cooling / heating through reduced carbon emissions, best-available energy efficiency and improved performance.

Tim Mitchell, Klima-Therm’s sales and marketing director, said: “We are delighted and honoured to have gained even more recognition for our innovative technology with this latest award win. The pioneering hybrid four-pipe Rhoss EXP/HT heat pump can produce independent cooling and heating, just like a traditional chiller or heat pump.

“However, what makes it exceptionally worthwhile is its use of a third heat exchanger within the machine so that, when cooling, the heating can be essentially free due to heat recovery, or vice versa.”

The Rhoss EXP/HT boasts a 20 to 25% operating energy cost saving and around 30% reduction in carbon emissions compared to a traditional chiller and boiler four-pipe solution (without water source heat pump). These comparative numbers are only moving more in favour of heat pumps as capital costs reduce and mains electricity carbon factors improve compared to fossil fuels. Any additional cost for the hybrid heat solution over a chiller and boiler system can typically be paid back in around two years from the energy cost saving.

The Star Product Award was introduced by H&V Review last year to mark the 10th anniversary of the HVR Awards.

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Klima-Therm gains yet more recognition by winning top award at HVR Awards 2020

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