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Last Day in the Office: It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas Office Party
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The last day in the office before Christmas is traditionally a time when we begin winding down in readiness for the holiday season. For many companies, it’s time to host the Christmas party.

As well as being a thank you to the hard-working staff who have toiled all year round, it can also help to build employees’ morale and boost their spirits: a small investment of money, energy and time in planning and hosting the party is much appreciated by the workforce.

It’s always best to hold the office party on the final workday before the Christmas break, as it seems an appropriate way of ending on a high. After all, no-one feels like going back into work the day after a big party and it can become the forerunner to our festive celebrations at home.

For the management, it’s time to plan festive fun events for the final day. Making it enjoyable for everyone is the name of the game and some organised activities will always help the party to go with a swing.

Christmas jumpers

Rather than the traditional glass of bubbly and a few nibbles, it can help build Christmas spirit by hosting activities that foster a sense of togetherness. A popular example is holding a Christmas jumper day, when the staff can go wild and wear the brightest, corniest, most awful sweater imaginable!

Wearing a jumper adorned with reindeer with flashing antlers, a rotund glitter-covered Santa, or multi-coloured sparkly baubles can be a great conversation-starter as staff compare the horrific Christmas sweaters they have been given over the years.

Of course, you must accompany the jumper bonanza with festive food. To show how much you appreciate the staff, go further than a few bowls of crisps, nuts and mince pies. Supply beverages and a Christmas lunch as part of an afternoon celebration that puts the emphasis on employees getting to know each other.

Party games

You could organise games such as board games, pool, table tennis, shuffleboard, Pictionary, pin the tail on Rudolph, guess the movie and many more. This can spark hours of fun and will also take the emphasis of simply drinking after the meal.

Encourage employees to decorate their work area with Christmas decorations to make the office feel more festive. It can brighten up the workplace and make staff feel cheerful in the run-up to the party.

Christmas contest

You could offer a prize for the best-decorated workspace, with the winner receiving a seasonal prize, such as a bottle of bubbly and a box of chocolates, or something more elaborate, like a meal for two at a local restaurant. It all goes a long way towards showing the workforce that you appreciate them.

When the last day in the office has ended and the party’s over, before the building is locked up over Christmas and New Year, don’t forget to prepare for the return to work in January. Ensure you’ve organised your cleaning team to dispose of all the party leftovers, as no-one wants to return to a stale office.

Fresh air

Most importantly, keep your air conditioning running over the festive period. Remember that indoor air can be polluted by dust and other particles at any time of year, winter or summer. Your professionally installed AC system is an investment you’ll be grateful for in the New Year: walking into a fresh and clean environment on 2nd January will make everyone feel better as soon as they arrive.

Help keep your employees in good health (consequently boosting their productivity) by filtering the air before they return to work. Everyone will thank you for your foresight in making their return to the office more pleasant.

For more information on Klima-Therm’s range of professional air conditioning products suitable for offices, please contact us today.

From everyone at Klima-Therm… well, have a good one!

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Last Day in the Office: It’s Christmas Time!

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