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Klima-Therm, Rhoss and Turbocor Logos

For models up to 30kw, the units use DC Inverter Scroll rotary compressors with single configurations – tandem configurations with fixed speed compressors are suitable for other models. When required, they can be equipped with an inverter driven circulation pump for additional savings and variable flow systems.


Harnessing Inverter compressor technology, units are available with R410A refrigerant and R134a with semi-hermetic screw compressors. RHOSS brings a complete range of inverter technology chillers to the UK market, ranging from 4kW to 1300 kW cooling capacity.

Hydronic modules, including inverter-controlled pumps, can be combined with silent brushless EC fans to increase the chillers’ efficiency in applications where required.

If you require a chiller for special applications, we are able to provide additional options, such as partial condensation heat recovery, coil treatment, grilles, filters and many others to help meet your requirements.

Inverter Chillers

Offering efficient, versatile and technologically advanced solutions in line with the demands of modern HVAC systems, RHOSS is dedicated to delivering the best solutions to suit every application.

Available in various configurations and with Plug & Play solutions, all models comply with the most stringent environmental standards in terms of energy efficiency and limited gas content.