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Thanks to the research and development in one of the largest R&D Labs in Europe, the new features allow for even higher product efficiency and performance.

Now with chillers with non-flammable R134A and eco-friendly HFO 1234ze, Klima-Therm and RHOSS can provide units ranging from 300 up to 1.1 MW capacities.

Turbocor Chillers

Thanks to the latest technology, TURBOCOR ™ models feature up to 3 oil free compressors, with one/two cooling circuits respectively. Designed and configured to offer greater control and flexibility, they provide energy efficiency, especially at partial loads with high ESEER and SEER values.

The technology and attention to detail that give the TURBOCOR ™ chiller range the edge.

Units are equipped with R134a gas or eco-friendly HFO 1234ze. Perfect for commercial applications, hotels and medium to large buildings that require air conditioning, they provide a perfect balance between low consumption, the utmost comfort and total flexibility.

Water-side heat exchangers are designed to provide maximum power and axial fans improve heat exchange with lower energy consumption – thus ensuring efficiency.

A wide range of optional features are available, from asynchronous motors with phase-fired control, to EC-brushless electronic motors and over-pressure alternatives for special applications.

RHOSS chillers are EUROVENT certified and factory tested prior to despatch.
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