K-Turbo Chillers

Turbomiser Chiller
ULTRA LOW GWP HFO Refrigerant with Less than 1/200th of the GWP of Normal HFCs

Imagine a better Turbomiser, we did! Klima-Therm have worked hard to bring a unique and improved chiller on the market.

  • - All New, Improved User Interface
  • - Improved Maintainability
  • - Bespoke Footprints
  • - Cooling Output From 300kW
  • - Heat Pump/Heat Recovery Options
  • - TWO YEAR Warranty as Standard
  • - Online Performance Monitoring
  • - Whole Life Care Packages Available

Key Benefits

Dramatically lower running costs, significantly lower servicing costs, improved comfort and reliability and much quieter running. Further energy-efficiency improvements can be achieved with the addition of free-cooling coils or Liquid Pressure Amplification (LPA), both of which are ideally suited to UK climate conditions. Turbomiser chillers include as standard a comprehensive two year warranty. Download our Turbomiser brochure here for more details.

Many leading companies and organisations already use Turbomiser to cut their building running costs and improve comfort conditions. These include Hilton Hotels, Lloyds Bank, Ladbrokes, the MoD and Skandia, to name but a few. Their experience has proven that Turbomiser delivers serious and sustained savings in running costs, and provides a high quality environment for occupants and temperature-dependent equipment.

  • Turbocor centrifugal twin-rotor compressors run on oil-free magnetic bearings to provide stepless control from 25 to 100% with the lowest power input at all stages.

  • Air-cooled machines incorporate high efficiency aluminium (or evaporative sprayed galvanised steel) condensers and total immersion shell-and-tube evaporators.

  • The integrated control system ensures maximum COP is attained at all stages of operation, taking advantage of lower mid-season ambient temperatures.

  • Microsmart control permits remote monitoring and early fault detection. Chiller power inputs can be electronically limited to match site restrictions, making them the ideal replacement solution.

  • Low starting currents (5 amps) and very low noise and vibration add to their benefits.

  • Water-cooled chillers have an extremely low footprint and are ideally suited to retrofit applications, being easily demountable.

  • If you would like more details, please feel free to contact us at sales@klima-therm.co.uk.
Turbocor Compressors

Our Latest Projects

MOD Turbomiser Chiller

Former MOD Facility, Farnborough - Replacement required due to age of existing plant, space liberation, environmental & running cost considerations. Read more

Project Dart Turbomiser Chiller
Project Dart

Klima-Therm recently carried out a “mega” data centre cooling project on behalf of a major high street bank for its award-winning Project Dart using 12 Turbomiser chillers. Read more

National Library of Scotland Turbomiser Chillers
National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland, one of Europe’s most important research libraries, has installed Turbomiser chillers from Klima-Therm at its main Edinburgh site. Read more


Turbomiser for Outstanding Air Conditioning and Air Movement Solutions

  • Dramatically lower running costs
  • Significantly lower servicing costs
  • Improved comfort and reliability
  • Much quieter running