Replacement Chillers




Needing to replace failing or outdated chiller plant? Klima Therm have developed a proven range of high efficiency, low cost chillers.

Our chillers not only offer flexibility; by using proven innovative technologies, our award-winning chillers are among the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly available today – cutting running costs, minimising service and maintenance, and delivering high quality cooling for building occupants. If capital budget is a limitation, we also offer a range of standard low-cost chillers. This range of chillers is extremely versatile in its own right, and available on an extremely short order/delivery lead time.

Replacing outdated chiller plant needn't be a costly headache...






chiller plant, managed and installed by Klima Therm & LH-plc



Servicing and maintenance from our sister company LH-plc, part of the Calibre Services Group