Modular Heat Pumps

Quiet Flexible, Efficient modular Heat Pumps 

The units are capable of fitting different types of systems limiting noise problems and at the same time assuring unique performance in any architectonic context.

The careful choice of components, the special refrigerant circuit configuration and the possibility of connecting up to 4 modules and of controlling them as if they were just one allows to achieve ideal performance both with full loads and partial loads.Thanks to the economizer, the low energy consumption fan, the capacity steps which increase the more modules are connected, the optimized management of the hydraulic pumps and the predictive Adaptive Function Plus logic, the seasonal efficiency values are extremely high.

Key Benefits...

  • MODULAR: The Heat Pumps allows you to couple up to 4 units with a design studied to reduce clearance space to a minimum and therefore the overall encumbrance of the units.
  • QUIET: Maximum silence levels thanks to the use of axial fans with EC low sound emission brush-less motor.
  • FLEXIBLE: The units makes it possible to adapt the installationto the development requirements of the system. Power can be increased simply and economically in time.
  • EFFICIENT: Minimum energy consumption both with full and partial loads is guaranteed. The units reach class A nominal efficiency (COP≥3,2) as part of the Eurovent certification program. Partial load efficiency is provided by the number of capacity steps which increases the more modules are installed thus ensuring continuous adaptation to the real thermal load trend.
  • RELIABLE: The presence of an electric board on each module and the management logic implemented which allows the modules to operate in synergy one with the other guarantee non-stop service even if one of the units stops. Flexibility plays a decisive role in systems requiring total redundancy: this characteristic gives the systems not only a safer design but also provides matchless comfort quality and energy efficiency.

    Rhoss Heat Pumps enhances the system:

  • Elevated seasonal efficiency saves you more money by the year than that which can be achieved with machines with equal power but with a traditional design;
  • It is an ideal combination of performance - reliability - price;
  • It is always available on stock with quick delivery times due to its modular features.

    Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water with JUST ONE PRODUCT:

  • The Heat Pumps meet system requirements for all seasons of the year: thanks to the different setups available, heating, cooling and domestic hot water are always available!
  • Plug&Play Installation and care for details:
    Moreover, they are easy to install and to connect one to another both hydraulically and electrically to quickly start up and tune the system.

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