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High performance in heat recovery mode, this further distinguishes a RHOSS system from conventional installations, as they reduce the harmful emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Heat pumps designed by RHOSS can satisfy cold and hot water demands simultaneously or independently with a single unit. The polyvalent units are primarily suited to 2, 4 and 6-pipe systems, at any time of year.

An entire range with air and water-cooled units is available from 5 to 800 kW, including new Class A models with high ESEER efficiency levels at partial loads.

A polyvalent system is the intelligent solution to air conditioning requirements in systems where the heating demand is simultaneously or independently combined with a cooling request from the building. The units adapt well to various types of systems, thereby guaranteeing unique efficiency and versatility.

Polyvalent Heat Pumps

Selecting the most suitable unit for your system has never been simpler, since we have 25 air-cooled models and 27 water-cooled models to choose from, with scroll and screw compressors using R410A and R134a gas.

With unit operation down to -20°C ambient temperature, the polyvalent units are available with a comprehensive range of accessories, depending on project requirements – like EC fans, PFC, pre-painted coils or vibration mounts.