Polyvalent Heat Pumps

Intelligent solution for real energy saving - Polyvalent systems

EXP Systems allows a complete air conditioning system to be set up with domestic hot water production, there-by obtaining a double result with a single unit and one expense, and guaranteed high performance from the energy supplied by the compressor in terms of energy efficiency.

EXP Systems is a fourth-generation heat pump that produces hot and chilled water, combined or independently, for 4-pipe and 2-pipe systems with domestic hot water production. These systems are adaptable for various system installation requirements thanks to its several configurations and accessories that make it plug and play.

Key Benefits...

  • Thanks to its innovative control logic, EXP Systems meets the cooling and heating requirements by minimizing the stops and restarts of the compressor resulting in the beneficial effect on the duration of all the components of the cooling circuit.
  • EXP Systems can be defined as a polyvalent environmentally friendly unit because it represents the efficient evolution of the electric heat pump, in line with the most stringent European directives. The high performance in the heat recovery mode further increases the difference compared to conventional installations, thereby reducing the direct and indirect emissions that con-tribute to the greenhouse effect.

Hot water production up to 70°C

The polyvalent EXP Systems units can produce hot water up to 55°C with various operating limits to meet the most modern system requirements. In winter, air-cooled units with semi-hermetic screw compressors and R134a refrigerant gas reach outdoor air temperature limits of -10°C with hot water production up to 50°C. The latest generation air-cooled units with scroll compressors and R410A refrigerant gas have been designed to produce hot water at 45°C during normal operation in winter with an outdoor air temperature of -10°C. As a result of the option to manage 6-pipe systems, WinPOWER EXP units can produce water up to 70°C in the dedicated heat exchanger. 

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