The PremiAir active chilled beam is used to control the air temperature in buildings where individual room control and a comfortable climate is required. Designed for integrated installation, it is an induction-type, four-way air conditioning system that is mounted on the ceiling.

Painted in white RAL 9003 colour, the plenum air box and connection are constructed from galvanised steel, while the unit’s side panels and visible front plate are made from powder-coated aluminium and sheet steel.

AirFlex air deflectors are manufactured from durable Polyamide plastic, while the heat exchanger is made from aluminium and copper. The unit offers circular or square perforation options as standard.

Assuring high-performance, energy-efficient operations, the system is of an aesthetically-pleasing, integrated design that complements existing décor and requires minimum installation space. As a flexible system, with AirFlex air deflectors and adjustable nozzles as standard, it also has the added benefit of operating silently.

Klima-Therm is also a stockist of chilled beams from Cosy of Sweden, including both passive and active chilled beam types. The high-temperature water used by chilled ceiling and chilled beam products creates a comfortable environment in the majority of industrial and commercial applications.

The chilled beam is self-regulating and functions through natural convection. Passive chilled beams absorb heat to keep the room temperature constantly comfortable and even. As the air velocity increases and decreases, depending on the heat load within the room, the unit provides a comfortable temperature, while reducing the risk of draughts.

Latest active chilled beam models operate silently. Their modern, compact design belies the fact they provide a high cooling capacity. With numerous functions, it is easy to find the correct beam for every application.

All Cosy products are tested and validated in compliance with the NordTest method – a trusted industry standard. Cosy production is certified to the international standard ISO 9001.

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