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All our units and controls are offered at competitive prices and there are numerous accessory options to provide a comfortable solution to building environments everywhere.

Quality is much more than a certainty, it's certified!

Energy efficiency, a performance compliant with the strictest standards, tough materials, great attention to safety and easy installation are all features that, together with decades of experience and an approach that reflects Made in Italy excellence, substantiate the quality of Eurapo’s products.

A product designed for the future by Rhoss

As a range that has been renewed in line with technological advances, ducted fan coils encased in a cabinet improve the quality of the internal environment through climate control, sound levels and air quality (IAQ), using innovative solutions such as the Air’Suite® biocide filter.

The new cassette type fan coil units available in 2 or 4 pipe installation come with energy consumption reduced by 50% using EC motor. New features are available like LIT-Touch remote control and receiver for ceiling panelling or wall mounting installation, with air temperature probe and operation LED.

Rhoss ducted fan coils for recessed horizontal or vertical installation are made of galvanised sheet steel complete with a condensate drain pan and re-generable filter.